Eye Candy! VCA Integrates 3 Stunning Prysm Video Walls in Newly Remodeled Park Avenue Lobby


AV Technology Integrator VCA was selected to build, and install three large video walls in the lobby of the newly remodeled headquarters of the largest US-based bank on Park Avenue. There were multiple challenging factors to this project: the bottom of the video walls is fifteen feet in the air presenting service access challenges. The control room located two floors above the lobby required high bandwidth transport systems to supply the walls with images. The acoustic environment of the lobby required sophisticated design techniques in order to maintain speech intelligibility. A brand new laser phosphor display (LPD) manufactured by Prysm was the display product of choice, these zero bezel displays arranged in (3) 8×10 configurations required diligent adherence to tolerances throughout the mounting process. Because the lobby was active during integration, all work had to be done during off hours.


The project consisted of 3 video walls; each wall measured 17 feet wide by 10 feet high and was comprised of 80 Prysm LPD cubes. The logistics of working at such a height presented its own difficulties; it also required a very sophisticated mounting system, also produced by Prysm. The mounting system allowed for servicing of the wall. Vista Spyder provided the video wall display control, while Scala controlled the digital signage content and scheduling. Reinkus Heinz line arrays allowed VCA to tackle the lobby’s difficult acoustical environment. Evertz routing and fiber transport alleviated the distance issue between the lobby and the control room.


The end result of the new video walls in the bank’s lobby is not only a beautiful, eye-catching display, but also a very useful tool. The walls show corporate messages, promotional information, the bank’s own commercials, details of company related charitable events, up-to-date information regarding weather and subway schedules, as well as provides the means to broadcast events such as messages from the CEO of the bank.

Project Value:

$3.5 million