VCA Builds State-Of-The-Art Collaborative Meeting Spaces for Multi-National European Bank


Technology integrator VCA was selected to build state-of-the-art collaborative meeting spaces, including control, video streaming, unique trading floor arrangements, and multi-purpose rooms for a newly renovated multi-national European bank’s United States headquarters. The project was coordinated with a relocation of the bank’s Avenue of the Americas location to a new Park Avenue locale. As part of the relocation process, the Park Avenue space was completely remodeled; the old analog network was updated in conjunction with the infrastructure upgrades to the bank’s headquarters in Europe. VCA worked diligently to coordinate installation around construction schedules, while allowing time for communication from the project decision-makers all located in Europe. The entire project was dependent upon the bank’s corporate network, this required extensive communication between VCA and the bank’s IT department.


The client required a variety of technologies including video conferencing, video streaming, audio distribution and complex control in approximately 30 various spaces spread over 8 floors. AMX provided the technologies that handled the digital signage, video on demand system, and room scheduling, while Crestron handled the all room control. The installation includes a complex three way divisible room featuring Biamp audio conferencing and Cisco video conferencing products. Sharp LED tickers surrounding each elevator bank throughout the bank’s space provide current stock market updates.

One of the largest challenges of the project was on the trading floor; the space is very modern and executes an open working environment. There are 2 Samsung video displays at each trading desk, approximately 80 displays per trading floor. Each display is tuned to one of many cable business channels, the difficulty was how to transmit the audio from various channels and make it audible. The solution was to associate the audio from a specific channel to a specific telephone extension, all the trader needs to do to hear audio from the channel they prefer is to dial the channel’s associated extension from their desk phone. This greatly reduced the noise level on the trading floor.


The end result of this new space is a sleek modern design consisting of multiple huddle spaces, small collaboration conference rooms and large boardrooms, as well as trading floors, all integrated with video conferencing, video streaming, and cutting-edge control systems. In coordination with their new digital network, the VCA installation allows the bank’s staff to collaborate with their counterparts in Europe with ease. In order to insure the system operates at its optimum ability, a service contract with VCA, as well as an on-site VCA technician were included as part of the installation completion.

Project Value:

$3.3 million