ARD German Television is a joint organization of Germany’s regional public broadcasters. It is the world’s largest public broadcaster with a budget of over $7 billion (US dollars), 23,000 employees and offices around the world in places like New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Barcelona, London, and Moscow.


Technology integrator VCA was selected to design and install large- scale upgrades to four edit rooms in ARD German Television’s’s New York facility, and eight edit rooms for the Washington, D.C. location. The ARD facilities had to remain fully functional during the upgrade and renovation cycle. Coordination with client’s construction and IT team was critical as was our in house staging process.


VCA began the process by working with the client to identify areas where we could significantly streamline their workflow. Their process included five videotape machines that were used to record news feed services. This required that recorded tape programs were moved to different tape machine in the Avid edit rooms to be edited and digitized. This process required the material to effectively be recorded twice before the editing process occurred. VCA provided a complete technology upgrade including Avid ISIS 5000 with 128TB of storage and eight channels of Avid Airspeed that automated the recording process and permitted an editor to start editing while media was still being ingested. Media Central with Media Composer Cloud provided access of media to non-editors, such as writers, news directors, and reporters, through their web browser. The upgraded system also permitted editors to deliver content to in-house editors and remotely edit media that exists on the NY and DC ISIS via public network connection.


VCA kept the rooms up and running throughout the entire upgrade process. VCA successfully integrated the ARD editing facilities with the latest technology providing the client the ability to deliver content and edit news packages in a fraction of the time it previously required.