Bank of America is one of the nation’s largest financial services companies and the 2nd largest bank holding company in the United States. Bank of America employs almost 200,000 people worldwide.


Bank of America began construction of their $1 Billion office tower with the goal of consolidating their New York City operations. The building features many environmentally friendly features such as gray water filtration systems and phase transition cooling systems. An aggressive timeline meant VCA was presented the challenge of installing equipment in rooms that were still under construction. The location of the building, in the heart of New York City, posed a logistical challenge for equipment delivery.


Technology systems integrator VCA was selected to build and install all AV communication systems and the broadcast TV studio for the newly constructed Bank of America building. A third party consultant did the initial system designs. The space also included presentation rooms, meeting rooms, teleconference rooms, multi-purpose divisible rooms, and a complete broadcast studio and distribution network for the entire building.

The various rooms consisted of either single or dual screen video conferencing systems with a variety of inputs available for any type of presentation. These rooms were also outfitted with flat panel displays and lectern confidence monitors for presenters. In addition to the individual conference rooms, VCA built and installed two conference centers for Bank of America, allowing them to conduct meetings with key firms and branches all over the world. Moreover, VCA built and installed a multipurpose divisible training room with zone controlled speakers, discreet lighting controls, and audio conferencing capabilities. The AV in the room could be split or combined through simple touch-panel controls.

The broadcast studio at the Bank of America Tower provides production, post-production, and distribution capabilities for the entire building. At the heart of the studio, a production switcher and router from Grass Valley, equipped with Encore control, enabled the client to capture and control the video flow for live presentations and speakers. Sony HD cameras with Telecast Fiber “Copperhead” provide the video capture for the studio. Feeds from the press/podium cameras and the auditorium connect into the studio as well. An Evertz Fiber System interconnects the studio with other parts of the building, including the main auditorium. The CATV distribution system sends video feeds all over the building to keep employees aware of the latest news within the company. This state of the art facility is the backbone of Bank of America’s AV communication systems for their New York headquarters.


Bank of America company-wide communications have increased with employees able to quickly and easily connect with offices all over the world. The conference rooms and meeting spaces adequately serve the needs of Bank of America’s staff for their daily communication needs, while the broadcast studio enables Bank of America to produce content for communicating their value and services to their customers. The integrated auditorium and press/podium cameras also enable Bank of America to make meetings and presentations available to their entire building, keeping staff apprised of the latest news for the company. VCA’s work at the Bank of America Tower has opened the door to new integration opportunities for the bank’s other corporate locations.