SL Green Realty Corp was formed in 1997. It is the largest office landlord in New York City focused primarily on acquiring, managing, and maximizing value of Manhattan commercial properties.


Technology Integrator VCA was selected to install Audio Visual, Unified Communication and Display Systems in their stunning new high profile corporate offices. In addition to meeting very stringent installation deadlines VCA had to engineer complex systems, which were easy for non-technical people to operate.


The client required a variety of technologies that would both showcase their professional expertise, while also providing functional workspace for their employees and clients. As is common in Manhattan office buildings, the SL Green Realty offices in the Graybar building is an “H” shape allowing for optimum natural light flow through the building. The project was completed in two phases. Phase one was the east side of the “H”; it featured a high-end finish of nine spaces including multiple conference rooms, a boardroom, an executive dining area, a lounge, a fitness center, and the main entry area. There are numerous stunning highlights to phase one, such as a 9 display video wall in the entry area. The wall is comprised of 9 NEC 46” displays mounted in portrait mode controlled by a Data-pad processor. An affiliate of SL Green, which maintains several billboards in Times Square, handled the programming of the video wall’s content. The boardroom features a 103” Panasonic display flanked by smaller displays on either side, Crestron Digital Media and control, Biamp audio conferencing, Clock Audio retractable microphones, and Cisco video conferencing. Crestron, Biamp and Cisco products were used throughout the installation.

Phase two, the west side of the “H”, while still visually impressive, was more utilitarian in nature. The focal points of this stage were a divisible conference room with a 90” Sharp display and a training room with an 87” Smart Technologies interactive white board. Crestron Digital Media and control, as well as Biamp audio products were also mainstays of this portion of the project.


The end result of the new SL Green Realty space is a beautiful array of audio-visual and Unified Communications systems that serve as both information sharing eye-candy and functional communication tools. SL Green also chose to protect their investment by contracting our Vcare maintenance service at the conclusion of their warranty period.