AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications corporation. It is the second largest provider of mobile telephone and the largest provider of fixed telephone service in the United States. AT&T is one of the world’s largest mobile telecom operators with over 121 million mobile customers.


VCA was selected as the technology systems integrator early in the design phase of AT&T’s new Tech Channel Webcast News Facility in Bedminster, NJ. Unlike most jobs of this size, the structural design had not yet been completed when VCA joined the project, therefore the challenges typically presented by network, electrical, and HVAC designs were alleviated. VCA designed the network layout required to adequately complete their installation, avoiding issues often experienced when structured cabling and AV products bump into problems such as HVAC ductwork. VCA was able to insure HVAC noise would not cause interference, as well as adequate ventilation and power distribution plan for the equipment they were installing would be provided.


The purpose of this AT&T facility is to produce internal videos, as well as client facing web content for its subscriber-based daily Internet News generation. The project consisted of a four-camera television studio, lighting, an intercom system, a production control room, a machine room, three edit suites, an audio suite, a green room, and a remote field production system. The four-camera studio featured Hitatchi broadcast cameras on Vinten pedestals with Autoscript prompter systems. Ross Video production switcher, router, server, graphics and distribution were installed in the control room, while the edit suites included Avid and Final Cut editing systems. A Snell Group Automation System was installed in the engineering area. The remote field production system included multiple packages including camera, a tripod, lights and audio equipment.

Results: VCA’s early involvement in the design phase of the AT&T Webcast news facility provided a smooth installation process. AT&T’s state-of-the-art facility allows them to create content both in-house and in the field.