Vayner Media is a social media brand-consulting agency that leverages online platforms to build marketing communities. The company works with a wide range of clients including both personal and consumer brands as well as startups.


Technology integrator VCA was selected to migrate and upgrade Vayner Media’s editorial software from Adobe to Avid Media Composer. Vayner’s implementation required a major conversion from an Adobe to an Avid environment. VCA’s team took the time to explain the value of making the drastic change in technology, as well as educated the Vayner Media staff on how to use the new equipment. VCA technicians worked in close coordination with the client answering their questions, and executing any changes made to the all-around environment, allowing for the transition to take place.


VCA met Vayner Media’s requirement to work within a stable shared storage environment by implementing the Interplay Facility Bundle including Avid ISIS 5500 Shared Storage and Avid Interplay Asset Management. As part of this project Avid Professional Services trained the client in use of the new system. This training was a successfully coordinated effort between VCA Project Management, Avid, and Vayner Media


Vayner Media can now access massive amounts of data faster and easier than ever before. In turn, this will allow them to deliver their product in half the time required in the past. VCA successfully completed the project, in doing so exceeding Vayner Media’s expectations by providing extensive product knowledge and supplying a professional grade editorial system with an interface that is streamlined and customized for delivery of any format required by Vaynor’s end client.