VCA Successfully Engineers and Integrates Entire Corporate Headquarters to A Single System

Including Central Control Room, Executive Briefing Center, Training Center, Lobby, Multiple Presentation Rooms, TV Studios and Multiple Conference Rooms


Technology systems integrator VCA was selected to engineer, install, and project manage the audio-visual systems in the newly constructed headquarters of a data and asset management software company in Tinton Falls, NJ. The project included several different areas of installation including a Central Control Room (CCR), Executive Briefing Center (EBC), a training center, the main lobby, three presentation rooms, a TV studio, as well as numerous conference rooms. The original project design called for several not yet delivered, new products for the installation. VCA was able to overcome this challenge and re-engineer the project with readily available products from various manufacturers to successfully create and implement the design.


The Central Control Room (CCR) is the nerve center of the client’s AV system; the main signal distribution for the majority of the systems throughout the building is located in this room. A dedicated AV LAN provides networking of all the IP-addressable AV equipment. The CCR includes a 128×128 Crestron Digital Media router, several Biamp DSP audio frames, computers and servers, among other ancillary equipment mounted in equipment racks interconnected via an overhead cable tray system. Computers dedicated to the presentation and training rooms are connected by a Crestron IP USB distribution system providing remote keyboard and mouse connectivity. An adjacent control room with RGB Spectrum multi-viewer displays and touch screen X Panel computers provide monitoring, routing, and total control of the AV system. A Crestron Fusion server manages all of the AV systems, including room scheduling.

The Executive Briefing Center (EBC) occupies half of a floor in the client’s HQ; it consists of 3 presentation rooms, as well as small demonstration spaces for meeting with clients. The space contains a 7×3 video wall with a Planar 32-point touchscreen and a 5.1 surround sound system. An RGB Spectrum multi-viewer and a server with an NVidia card provide selected sources and presets to the video wall. A local iPad is dedicated to provide audio and video control. The other half of the EBC floor is occupied by a training center with two divisible training rooms and two computer rooms.

Visitors to the client’s headquarters are greeted in the main lobby by an LED column comprised of 180 Panasonic Lighthouse tiles mounted in a 1×20 array. A dedicated computer in the CCR provides signal sources to the LED column.

The project includes three presentation rooms. The largest of which includes a 66”X235” Stewart Filmscreen rear-projection glass with a PQ labs 32-point touch system. Three Digital Projection WUXGA LCD projectors are mounted in a mirror system and edge-blended onto the rear screen. A digital camera, mounted on a ceiling lift at the front of the screen, is used to adjust warp and blending of the projectors automatically as required. An RGB Spectrum MediaWall 4500 provides multiple windows and presets on the screen. The other two presentation rooms have the same functionality, but with a single front projection screen. Each room has a dedicated collaboration system using Vidyo and Biamp products, with up to six independent windows. Front and rear Sony cameras are connected to each codec via the main CCR video switcher.

The remaining conference rooms use Crestron Digital Media running to either a Sharp flat panels or BenQ projectors, depending on the display in each room.

A small TV studio used for creating webcasts rounds out the project. It consists of two Sony cameras and a teleprompter.


VCA successfully integrated a wide variety of technologies from many manufacturers to work as a single system. The end result of the client’s new headquarters project is a well-executed system integration, completed on time and within budget.

Total Project Value:

$3.8 million