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The Pexip Infinity Scalable Meeting Platform is a groundbreaking and industry-changing product. It is the only viable option for an enterprise that wants to scale and provide every one of their employees with high definition video, audio and data conferencing.

Pexip Infinity seamlessly joins any version of Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, WebRTC and web browsers, SIP and H.323 endpoints – irrespective of manufacturer – in Virtual Meeting Rooms and provides any-to-any media transcoding for true universal interoperability. It solves the fundamental enterprise communications challenges such as scale, interoperability and future proofness.

Pexip Infinity can be used as a meeting platform, an MCU, or a gateway, depending on your needs, and also enables streaming out to and recording by popular enterprise CDN solutions, including YouTube.

Thanks to Pexip Infinity’s unique software-only architecture – running on off-the-shelf Intel-based servers as a Virtual Machine in the organization’s data center, in a public or private cloud – it can be deployed in minutes, and capacity can be scaled to suit the organization’s needs and requirements from a central location.

Infinity’s native distributed architecture enables a system administrator to quickly and simply deploy local conferencing capabilities and capacity anywhere in the world, and manage the application just like any other virtualized enterprise software application.

Pexip Infinity has an enterprise oriented licensing scheme, and organizations deploy capacity based on concurrent users, where all consume licenses from a central pool, not constrained by endpoints, users, or hardware.
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