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Welcome to VCALink

VCA can take you step by step way toward a successful Design Build Project.

VCALink is a step by step approach we call VCALink. Our process assures successful and timely completion of the process with NO finger pointing to other trades , consultants, or integration quality control processes, we deliver your solution from concept to completion.

VCALink 1– our mission in this step starts with an in-depth technology analysis with stake holders and end users to define needs. It results in an equipment list that works together along with a Scope of work and estimated turnkey budget.

VCALink 2 – Every successful project needs a floor plan and here VCA provides infrastructure design that includes the following:

1. AV Electrical Floor Plans
2. AV Electrical Reflective Ceiling Plans
3. AV Facility Floor Plans
4. AV Facility
5. Cut sheets for flat panel displays, projectors, projection screens and floor boxes

VCALink 3 – sometime referred to as TriLink- VCALink3 is our partnership step that commits VCA to the turn key Design Build process. Customers will receive build drawings, fabrication, quality control and testing and verification for your project. In short, VCALink3 is a complete design build package of professional audio visual services. In addition to those services outlined above, VCA adds AV systems engineering drawings, control system sign off pages, total turnkey pricing with labor, and a multitude of professional services,management on site, installation and training.

VCALink 4 – Offers our customers access to our world class Web Trouble Ticket system,  there are various service options that VCA will custom fit to your needs, and even staff augmentation if desired. VCALinks 1 through 3 will facilitate a successful launch of your system. All your rooms are  then up and running with exactly what was first outlined at the very beginning in VCALink 1. But what happens after the opening ceremony? Who maintains your systems over the long haul? How do you maximize your investment by ensuring that your systems are running efficiently?  VCALink 4 adds the maintenance and support you need to maximize your capital investment. There are multiple levels of support that can be provided by VCA which include the following:

· Scheduled maintenance visits by our service staff will ensure that you equipment is operating at maximum performance levels. Filters are cleaned, bulbs on projectors are checked and replaced to minimize downtime.

· VCA can provide on-site support on a regular or as needed basis. This will ensure that your highest profile events will go off without a hitch.

· VCA also has provided managed services to some of the largest fortune 500 companies. VCA trains, insures, and manages the staff so that you don’t have to.

· VCA can develop room metrics so that you can measure and judge the quality of your AV systems. These metrics will inform your next round of capital projects to ensure that you are implementing only those systems that are the most in line with your actual usage.

· VCA Room Monitoring software will know what can potentially go wrong with your system before there is an issue. Again, minimizing downtime and maximizing ROI.

VCA has built this process to help you navigate through the multitude of technologies and disparate systems on the market today as well as evaluate those currently in your enterprise. VCALink helps you make sound business decisions, based on your real world needs and delivers a practical and executable plan; with systems that can be built, maintained and grow with your organization.

Put VCA-LINK to work for your organization and see what the power of more + can do for you.