Enterprise Standards

Enterprise Standards

Enterprise-wide systems you can trust.
The vast majority of VCA customers request, as their top requirement, user-friendly technology systems that are scalable and similar across the enterprise.

Executives going from a corporate boardroom to a huddle room should be able to plug in and present in a similar manner regardless of their source device, the size of the space, or the extent of the technology in the room.

We design every system to meet enterprise standards for ease-of-use, interface design, and compatibility with virtually any source, even in an organization with lenient Bring Your Own Device protocols.

Before we can design the systems that will meet your enterprise-wide standards for usability and compatibility, it’s our job to understand, and often, even help you set, those standards. When you tell us, in plain language without the techno-jargon, exactly what you need from a space, our engineers can design systems to meet those needs. End-users should be able to use the systems with just a little bit of training, and that experience should be the same everywhere in your organization without additional training or instruction.

Meeting enterprise standards is the culmination of our Analysis and Design process, which begins with understanding your needs, working within your budget and creating the user-friendly, scalable, cost-effective systems your organization needs. In a business world where nothing is certain and situations change from minute to minute, let VCA design and install your audiovisual and videoconferencing systems to enterprise standards, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your technology systems and control interfaces operate in similar ways from room to room and are just a touch away when you need them.