Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”-Lewis Carroll


Start at the beginning.
Every good audiovisual and videoconferencing system upgrade or installation begins with an in-depth needs analysis. Whether you are ready to go all-out and need complete systems integration for a new building or just want to upgrade certain components and infrastructure now to be ready for the future, VCA can perform a needs analysis specific to your organization. In fact, it’s how we start every audiovisual design project.

During your needs analysis, we’ll evaluate the ways your organization is using technology now, and in what ways your current systems (or lack of systems) is holding you back. Then we’ll talk about what you’d like to accomplish in the future, and how our customized solutions can help you get there.

Needs v. Budget
Of course, it’s always nice to dream about your “ideal” technology systems. But we also understand that dreams can sometimes be limited by budget. The job of our designers and engineers is to bridge the gap, so the system you’re dreaming of can also fit your budget, large or small.

At VCA, we listen.
Many people believe choosing an audiovisual design consultant comes down to the brands the integrator carries, the company’s years of experience or the engineers’ and designers’ collective level of technological expertise. While all these factors are important, it’s even more crucial to choose a firm that understands your organization as if it were their own.

The only way for an audiovisual design firm to do that, in our experience, is to listen to the customer. That’s why VCA’s true Power of More+ is not in the extensive solutions we provide, the many choices of brands we specify, or our creative solutions to today’s biggest technology problems. Our true “Power of More+” is in the way we listen and understand every customers’ limitations, needs and dreams… and then work with you to design technology that overcomes those limitations, fills your needs and helps you achieve your organizational dreams for greater productivity and enhanced growth.