Time and Materials Coverage

Time and Materials Coverage

Beyond visits during the one-year warranty period or for matters not covered as determined by VCA’s standard warranty coverage, VCA will service the system at the time and materials service rates specified below.

Onsite Service Rates Bench Repair Rates
Service Type Hourly Rate Hourly MinimumDoor to Door Service Type Rate
Onsite Service $135.00 Four (4) hours Estimate / Evaluation Fee* $110.00
Emergency Onsite Service
Applies to requesting onsite in 24 hours or less
$175.00 Four (4) hours Bench Labor Rate $110.00 per hour
Overtime Onsite Service $202.50 Four (4) hours Expedite Service
This service will ensure a customer’s unit is expedited for evaluation.

* The Estimate / Evaluation Fee is required upon acceptance of units from customers who do not have an established open account with VCA.

In addition to the time and materials rates listed above, VCA offers blocks of pre-paid hours that can be used for service and for certain VCA labor tasks. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on our Hourly Care rates.

page3OPTIONAL Preventative Maintenance Visits
As an option (and at an additional fee) to your VCA Total Care Service Agreement VCA offers periodic preventative maintenance visits to ensure the continued function and reliability of your investment. Each preventative maintenance visit will include complete system testing, system audio/video level adjustments, projector alignments, cleaning of filters, lenses, recording heads, and other critical surfaces as per manufactures guidelines. VCA field service technicians will repair any broken cable terminations and ensure end-to-end connectivity. The technicians will also test VTC/ATC connections and note the bandwidth used on their report.


VCA provides staff augmentation services to assist on a short-term or long-term basis, enabling your organization to better manage day to day operations, periods of rapid growth, seasonal fluctuations, or events or projects that require knowledgeable staff trained and certified in your specific technology systems.