Video Walls

Video Walls

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke

Make your message stand out in a big way. When people think of over-the-top, high-visibility, dynamic and even awe-inducing audio visual systems that completely “wow” guests, they often picture a video wall as one of the components to the system.

Send any source to any screen with one finger on a touch screen controller, combine screens to make one larger than life image, or divide the video wall into quadrants for limitless display combinations of a broad variety of content. It’s all up to you. Even control sources from your smartphone, tablet, or iPad easily. It’s not magic, but the breathtaking effect it has on your visitors will be magical.

From the individual screens or tiles to the matrix switcher and sources a lot of pieces go into making a video wall work the way it’s supposed to. Not all video walls are the same. And neither are the AV integrators that make the “magic” happen.

VCA has a proven process to design and integrate the best system for each clients’ unique needs. These are not “cookie-cutter installations” but custom technology solutions designed to work within the aesthetic and architectural design of your building.

We work with a number of suppliers and manufacturers to provide our customers with the options they need for video walls of any size and configuration to fit any budget. In corporate headquarters, educational facilities, healthcare institutions, government facilities, retail outlets and entertainment venues, a video wall can bring your message to life in a highly compelling, engage way that very few other forms of media can.