Trust VCA with your most valued assets.

Your organization’s data, the content you create, is your most valuable asset. How do you treat it?
Look around your edit suite. Do piles of hard drives litter every corner? Does every editor use a different process and product for data storage? Do you need to streamline and simplify data storage with shared storage solutions to enhance workflow and improve productivity? Even if your storage technology isn’t in bad shape, it might pay to upgrade to today’s faster, larger, and more powerful solutions like cloud storage, SAN solutions, NAS solutions, and solid state drives.

Data storage, including cloud storage, and asset management solutions go hand-in-hand. Our engineers and application specialists are certified in all the major platforms for shared storage hardware and software as well as asset management.

Through our vast industry partnerships, VCA provides hardware platforms from Avid, Apple, AutoDesk, Scale Logic, EditShare, Archion, and many more. We offer shared storage SAN software from Quantum StorNext, HyperFS, CommandSoft FiberJet, Studio Network Solutions and MetaSan to Avid Unity Media Network.

Every organization’s storage needs are different. VCA’s vast experience in the field permits us to understand your unique needs and provide the solutions that fit your organization today and are designed to grow with your production company in the future.