Videoconferencing Made Easy Enable Your Organization in Minutes
Collaborate Anywhere to Anyone
  • Simple
  • Spontaneous
  • No Capital investment
  • Secure
  • Personalized
  • High Quality - Global Coverage
  • Any to Any Connectivity

VCA Connect allows companies to scale their collaboration solution to suit the individual
requirements of each person, a department or the entire enterprise. It is an affordable
option for the changing workforce which is increasingly mobile and requires
collaboration tools more than ever.

  • Easy to set up via a self service portal or the help of a VCA support staff.
  • Easy to remember and share your Video address since it is formatted like an email address.
  • Unlimited video calling from any standards based video device or phone, no need to worry about minutes.
  • Simple to use screen sharing with the ability to record meetings inclusive of content for future viewing.
  • No Reservations needed. Your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is available24x7. You can easily invite others to join a meeting at any time.
  • Connect from virtually any standards based video device or phone.
  • Unique individual VMR and PVA addresses look like email addresses and are easy to include for calendar invites.
No Capital Investment - No Hardware, No Hassles No infrastructure – No need to investment in servers, software or maintenance, no need to worry about updates and configurations – Just a Low Cost Monthly or Annual Fee.
  • Meeting access codes are required in order to access VMR's
  • Both Private Backbone network and access connections are encrypted.
  • Personal control allows the VMR owner to see who is on the call and control the meeting in real time – add, remove, mute participates in the meeting, as well as start and stop recording of the meeting.
  • Your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) allows you to host meetings with up to 30 participants, whether they are joining by phone, browser, tablet or video room system.
  • Your Personal Video Account (PVA) turns you Mac, PC or mobile device into a Video Endpoint for a direct connection to any enabled person or standards based room system.
High Quality – Global Coverage Video calls are especially sensitive to network conditions. To ensure great coverage, we have datacenters all over the globe. To ensure optimal quality, we switch your calls onto our dedicated, optimized video network so that all calls have the quality of a local call. You can be available on multiple devices with the same video address and always use the device of your choice. Smart roaming and our QoS network ensure the lowest latency and best possible quality for your video calls, even for international video calls. International video traffic between our data centers will use our guaranteed-capacity network, and the optimal call routing between the PoPs will ensure minimum network delay, jitter and packet loss. Our redundant datacenters have automated monitoring and are hot swappable for maximum redundancy, reliability and security.
Any To Any Connectivity VCA Connect is an interoperable service which ensures that you can hold video meetings with participants dialing in from different kinds of networks, systems and standards. The participants in your meeting can join from a standards-based video system, from Microsoft Lync, or even from a web-browser. Or simply dial in on audio from a phone.
High Quality Assured Network Truly Global
Any to Any Connectivity Interoperability

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