December 21, 2015 4:23 pm

Videoconferencing: Today’s New Normal for Every Business

Videoconferencing: Today’s New Normal for Every Business

We know that human beings respond exceptionally well to visual images, and executives young and old agree, and see the value in video communication. The human brain processes visual content significantly faster than text, making audio-visual solutions a more effective mode of communication compared to email or phone call alone.

With the emergence of cloud-based videoconferencing, businesses of all sizes have started to take advantage of the benefits it offers, including:

Reduction of supply chain miscommunication. A successful supply chain hinges on communication in the form of orders, face-to-face contact, and other modes of collaboration. Miscommunication is less likely with the right videoconferencing tool, one that allows each participant to see and hear the others on the call. Successful communication is the key to keeping a supply chain moving forward with increased momentum rather than bottlenecking.

Business continuity. When leaders, managers, or problem solvers can easily attend a virtual meeting, business can move forward without disruption. For instance, if something at a manufacturing facility breaks down and an engineer is 45 minutes away, business processes could be disrupted for hours, at best, or days, at worst. With a solid videoconferencing solution, an engineer can hop on a mobile videoconferencing call, look at the problem remotely, and provide a diagnosis immediately. Some simple fixes may not require his or her presence at all, quickly getting the department back to full operation.

Reduced overhead expenses. At one time, videoconferencing was only a solution for larger companies, because they could afford to invest in the hardware, bandwidth, and applications required. Today, smaller companies can invest in cloud-based solutions that don’t require expensive up-front costs. They may need a webcam and enough server space to download the solution, but that’s it. This solution eliminates the need for costly in-house support, as well as the hardware, maintenance, and energy required to power traditional solutions.

Accelerated rate of return. A working videoconferencing solution can facilitate in-house communications as well as external coordination with supply chain vendors, end customers, and other vendors. Ninety-three percent of communications are nonverbal, but no other form of expression compares to seeing and hearing someone during a conversation. When you have audio-visual interaction, you decrease the likelihood of miscommunication, facilitate troubleshooting, and can build valuable, long-term relationships that drive business forward. With videoconferencing, you increase ROI faster than ever before.

Cloud-based videoconferencing solutions allow companies to remove and add users as needed to support the business. If you’re growing, add some users and simply remove them if you need to downsize later. The ability to have full control and only pay for what you need makes videoconferencing a viable solution for both intermittent and avid users.

Videoconferencing solutions from VCA also provide many other more basic benefits, like reducing travel time and promoting workplace flexibility, but most businesses are more interested in seeing the impact on the bottom line. Implementing and supporting a videoconferencing solution offers measurable advantages you can map and manage from the moment you implement the new tool. Now is the time to see how videoconferencing can change the way you do business. We offer several solutions for any size business and are eager to help you determine which solution will work best for your organization.

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